Special program

Korea Immigration & Integration Program (KIIP)

[Korea Immigration & Integration Program (KIIP)]

The program aims to support foreigners acquire basic knowledge and information (Korean language and culture) so that they can become self-reliant members of Korean society

Who can participate?

Foreigners residing in Korea who want to acquire status of sojourn such as nationality and permanent residency, and those within 3 years of acquiring nationality

Benefits : exemption from naturalization written test and interview

What are the courses?

  • Korean language and culture
  • from level 0 to 4*
  • *Level assigned according to level test
  • Understanding Korean society
  • 50 hours for acquiring permanent residency, 70 hours for acquiring nationality

How can I apply?

Register as a member on Socinet (www.socinet.go.kr), apply for the Korea Immigration & Integration Program, and take the level test

Note : applicants who want to participate from level 0 may be exempted from the level test
Source: https://www.immigration.go.kr/immigration_eng/1869/subview.do