Common Kitchen

  • Common Kitchen

    5th Floor

    • Residents should clean up whenever they use the common Kitchen
    • Sink, Kitchen table, Refrigerator are provided (equipped) at the Common Kitchen.
    • Residents need to bring their own cooking kits to cook.
    • Residents should watch out for fire
    • Residents should do the dishes right after they use the kitchen. They should not leave the dirty dishes in the sink.

    ※ 3rd and 4th floor kitchen will be addtionally renovated soon.

  • Computer Lab

  • 컴퓨터실


    • 3 Language Labs for computer-mediated Langauge class
    • 1 Lauguage Lab-(# B117) is available for 24 hours
    • 3 Language Labs are used for TOEFL Test in the weekend

  • Study Room

  • 자습실

    1st Floor

    • The room opens for 24 hours for the resident’s independent study
    • There are tables for 4 people and desks with partition for 1 person.

  • Meeting Room

  • 미팅 룸

    2 ~ 6th Floor

    • 2nd floor meeting room :student-teacher meeting and conference
    • 3~6th floor meeting room: Meeting / Taking rest/ chit-chatting
    • microwave, water purifier, and TV are equipped

  • Laundry

  • 세탁실


    • Do laundry with a 500-won coin
    • Hand-wasy laundry
    • Ironing board to iron (ironing board can be borrowed from the office)
    Laundry at the 6th floor only for 6th floor residents

  • Multi-purpose room



    • Yoga & Dance with the big mirror
    • Student’s use with the Office’s permit

  • Michelleneous

    • Emergency stairs are located at the end of hallway and next to the meeting room on each floor
    • CCTV is on around clock in the building