About DILC

Director’s greeting

A Patriot, Euducator,
and the Founder of Duksung

Live, but live your own life.
Think, but think for yourself.
Learn, but learn your own lesson. Ms. Chamirisa 車美理士

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Dear Friends,
First, I’m very pleased to share DILC (Duksung International Language Center)’s Global Endeavors with students from all over the world.

Besides, I’m proud of the fact that Duksung Women’s University has made every effort to foster creative intellectuals with global citizenship for the past century, since it was founded by Ms. Cha Mirisa in 1920 with the founding philosophy of ‘Self-reliance, Self-determination, Self-awareness.’ In the process, DILC was established in 2006 to ensure that Duksung Women’s University cultivates outstanding individuals with global partnership.

The DILC is equipped with an excellent educational environment and has offered the highest quality of foreign language program to international students from all around the world as well as domestic students. Most of all, our Korean Language Program has been credited as a strength of DILC due to high standards in systematic curricula, outstanding instructors, various cultural activities, a range of scholarships, a careful easy-adoption program, and a new dormitory.

The DILC is perfect for those who want to be a global leader with Korean language skills! Experience DILC’s distinctive Korean education service. The DILC will be the best supporter to guarantee your successful future. Thank you.

Director, DlLC Wonjeong Lee