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The Duksung International Language Center (DILC) makes contributions to enable students to develop global perspectives and foreign language acquisition in an effective language learning environment. The DILC’s skillful and experienced faculty strives to foster foreign language attainment for Duksung students and Dobong residents along with Korean language acquisition for international students. Since the year 2006, the DILC has offered various language programs by pursuing for the following missions.

  • Language Education for fostering global citizens

    The DILC plays a leading role in developing students’ foreign language acquirement enabling students to foster global perspectives in the 21st century.
  • Practical Language Educationfor creative intelligence

    The DILC actively supports the mission of Duksung Women's University and its affiliated departments and organizations. The DILC prepares Duksung students to have sufficient and creative knowledge in a foreign language in order to build fluency in that language.
  • Customized Language programs for students’ needs

    The DILC collaborates with the General English program to facilitate intensives for all incoming freshmen and to uphold the University's guidelines for excellence. The customized language program focuses on training students to use their language skills in a variety of ways for both practical and academic applications.

The DILCwill uphold its commitment to Duksung students, international students and Dobong-gu citizens by providing language courses and special events for the entire community:

We express our gratitude for visiting The Duksung Language Center Website. We hope the information provided has given you a better understanding of our program. We wish you a successful future filled with language and it’s the possibility for a better tomorrow.