Rules & Regulations

1. Staying out Overnight

  • Students should come back by 23:30.
  • There is no limit for staying out overnight.

2. Visiting Guests

  • No visitors are allowed to roam about the dormitory.
  • Designated time and place for guest visitors
  • Where: Lobby and Garden of Duksung International Language center When: 08:00~21:00
  • Visitors are not allowed to get into the rooms on the 3-5th floors

3. Security & Alarm System (12:30 ~05:00)

  • Working hours: 23:30-5:00 (No one can go out of the building during this time)
  • Residents are allowed to move around within the building.
  • Do not approach the door on the 1st floor while the security alarm system is on.
  • How to lock the door (5th floor): lock the room with the key when you go out, but lock the door with the key outside the room and close the door inside when you sleep.
  • No copy for the key.

4.Items to bring

  • Prohibited items: Cooktop, Coffeepot, refrigerator, TV, electric blanket, household electrical appliances
  • Permitted items: computer, stand, audio device, Hair-dryer, small humidifier, small fan

5. Blanket rental

  • The dormitory provides a pillow, pillow cover, mattress cover, and bed sheet
  • Bed sheets are not allowed to be used as a blanket.
  • Blankets can be rented on your request.
  • Rental fee: 24,000won per semester (8,000won per month * 3 times) Exchange: Office
  • Loss or damage: Residents are required to pay it off.

6. Trash & Food Waste Disposal

  • Trash separation: There are separate trash bins for general and recycling trash at the restroom on each floor
  • Food waste
    • Food waste: Throw food waste into the food waste barrel at the back garden of the dormitory.
    • Residents should use a legal plastic bag (green bag) and then throw it in the food waste barrel
    • Throw the general trash to General Trash bin
Throw the general trash to General Trash bin
Classification General Trash
Vegetables Roots of green onions, water parsley and husk of corn etc.
Fruits Chestnut shells, walnut, acorn / grape seeds, apricot stone, etc.
Meats Bone and fur(feather) of beef, pork, chicken
Fish & Shell Clam shells, crab, crayfish, oyster etc
Egg Eggshells of chicken, duck, ostrich
Miscellaneous tea bag, coffee grounds, herb grounds, bottle cap, plastic bag etc.

7. Food Delivery

  • Residents are supposed to receive the food outside the building and return the empty dishes outside the building
  • Food delivery needs to be done by 22:30.

8. Receiving Packages

  • Time: 11:00~12:00, 19:00~ 21:00시
  • How to receive the Packet Confirm your packet on the Packet list at the Office (#112)--> Show your ID-->Sign in with your name after receiving your packet
  • Mailbox: Post box at the Lobby on the 1stfloor
  • Expensive items are not allowed to be sent to the DILC.
  • No Packages delivery for cash on arrival, No exchange, No packages refunded
  • Mailing address :Duksung Women’s University, 381, Uichen-ro, Dobong-Gu, Seoul, Korea, Postal code) , Room #000 (Name)

    * The Resident’s room number should be included in the mailing address

9. Emergency Medication

  • Place: Office #112
  • Medication: Ointment, Bandage, Band-Aid, disinfectant, Analgesic anti-inflammatory, Antispasmodics, pain-killers, Peptic, etc.
  • Cough Medication cannot be provided unless prescribed by a doctor (because it contains antibiotics), If you are sick with the flu, visit a hospital to see a doctor.
  • Residents can get medication from the security guard after midnight.

10. Moving out

  • Residents need to clean up and get inspected by the designated time (Check the clean-up list)
  • Residents should return the room key and leave the room after the inspection

11. Emergency Network

  • Office: (tel)-02 902-9151, Fax)02- 991-0589
  • Contact the security guide after midnight (r24:00-6:00 ) at Tel.02-991-0598.
  • Contact the security guard by ringing the bell at the gate when you come to the center after 23:30


1. Shower and toilet

  • Hot water availabilty
  • Hot water availabilty
    Monday ~ Friday Weekend & Holidays
    06:00 ~ 10:00
    17:00 ~ 19:00
    22:00 ~ 00:00
    06:00 ~ 10:00
    19:00 ~ 00:00
  • Residents should clean up their hair and trash after they take a shower.
  • Residents should provide their own shampoo, soap, tissue. daily necessities, etc.

2. Common Kitchen

  • Residents should clean up whenever they use the common Kitchen
  • Sink, Kitchen table, Refrigerator are provided (equipped) at the Common Kitchen.
  • Residents need to bring their own cooking kits to cook.
  • Residents should watch out for fire
  • Residents should do the dishes right after they use the kitchen. They should not leave the dirty dishes in the sink.
  • Residents should throw food waste with no water to the food waste bin at the garden.
  • Residents should clean up the common’s kitchen after they cook.

3. Cafeteria

  • All international students can use the cafeteria.
    The meal plan: 32,00won.
  • Meal Time: No food & dishes on the weekend.
    • Breakfast 07:30~09:00
    • Supper 17:30~19:00
  • Meals are available only during the time of Duksung Dynamic English Program
    • 2016. 03. 02 ~ 03. 18
    • 2016. 03. 21 ~ 04. 08
    • 2016. 05. 02 ~ 05. 20
  • Dishes are not for taking out of the cafeteria.
  • Residents are not allowed to go out through the back entrance of the cafeteria

4. Laundry

  • Basement: 6 washers, 6 dryers for all students staying at 3rd-5th floors
  • 6thfloor laundry: 2 washers, 2 dryers for guests staying on the 6thfloor
  • 500-won coin: coin change machine at the Lobby
  • You have to provide your own laundry detergent
    ⑴ How to use the washing machine
  • ① Pour (Dissolve) the detergent into water.
  • ② Sort and load clothes and pour the dissolved detergent into the washer.
  • ③ Insert coin (500 won) and push the coin box into the machine.
  • ④ Select the regular cycle: washing--> rinsing--> spinning (It takes 25-35 minutes in total)
  • ⑤ The washer pauses in the middle of doing laundry when you open the door of the washer. To operate the washer again, just close the door.
    ⑵ How to use the dryer
  • ① Put your wet clothes into the dryer
  • ② Close the window and insert a 500-won coin and push the coin box into the machine.
  • ③ Press button. It takes 45 minutes to dry
  • ④ The dryer pauses in the middle of drying when you open the door. To operate the dryer again, just close the door.

5. Ironing board

  • An ironing board is available in front of the laundry.
  • An iron is borrowable from the office.

6. Computer Lab

    ※ No food is allowed in the Lab

  • No programs can be installed for personal use
  • Turn off the computer after use.

7. Facilities

  • Residents should check the check-in list on the first day of moving in.
  • Residents are responsible for the care of their room, and the damage to furniture and equipment therein
  • No arbitrary relocating, transforming, vandalizing of the facilities.
  • Residents will be warned if they do any of the forbidden things listed above

8. How to use the Internet

    ※ No food is allowed in the Lab

  • Plug the internet wire (LAN cable) into the socket of your laptop and switch to the following IP address.
  • Turn off the computer after use.
  • Check for viruses to protect your computer.
  • Use the designated IP address in your room; if you do not, there will be a conflict among the internet connections.

      ※ How to get connected
      ① Connect the Lan line into your computer.
      ② Insert the IP address.
      1. Insert the IP address printed on your desk.
      2. Subnet Mask: Subnet Mask:
      3. Gateway : Gateway:
      4. DNS sever:

      ※ Internet connection for Window 7
      Click the START button--> click CONTROL PANEL-->Click NETWORK and INTERNET -Click View network status and tasks-->- click Manage network connection--> click LOCAL area--> click PROPERTIES--> Click INTERNET PROTOCOL VERSION 4l (TCP/IPv4)

      ※ Internet connection for Window 8
      Click the START button--> click CONTROL PANEL-->Click NETWORK and INTERNET -->Click network and sharing center-->- click Manage network connection--> click LOCAL area--> click PROPERTIES--> Click INTERNET PROTOCOL VERSION 4l (TCP/IPv4)

      ※ Internet connection for Window 10
      Click the START button--> click CONTROL PANEL-->Click NETWORK and INTERNET à Click network and sharing center ->- click Manage network connection--> click LOCAL area--> click PROPERTIES--> Click INTERNET PROTOCOL VERSION 4l(TCP/IPv4)

9. Heating & Air Conditioning

  • Air conditioning : Set the air conditioner on the room temperature- 26 degrees . Turn off the power of the air conditioner after using
  • Heating : Central On-dol system. Contact the office when the room temperature is not appropriate

10. Smoking Area

  • Residents are not allowed to smoke in the building.
  • There is a designated smoking area in the garden

11. Restricted Areas

  • Those who stay on the 5thfloorarenotallowedtogotothe3rd,4th,and6th
  • Those who stay on the 6thfloorarenotallowedtogotothe3rd,4th,and5thfloors
  • No one is allowed to go out through the back entrance in the basement.

12. Fire extinguisher

  • In case of Fire, Every floor has a fire extinguisher.
  • Residents should not change the location of the fire extinguisher randomly